GhostBSD 10.1 Finally Available

After a year of development, testing and debugging we are pleased to announce the release of GhostBSD 10.1  MATE & XFCE  which is available on SourceForge and torrents for the amd64 and i386 architectures.

What's new in GhostBSD 10.1

  • GhostBSD ISO image is hybrid that can be burn on DVD or USB stick
  • XFCE is coming back
  • Users can chose to install the BSD boot manager, Grub boot manager or simply None and use their Linux Grub
  • Station Tweak a fork of Mate Tweak
  • OctoPkg GUI frontend for pkgng written in Qt
  • Station Update Manager to update FreeBSD base system and third party software
  • Software from pkg or ports can be installed in the live DVD/USB session
  • VT Console by default
  • Instant verification for user and root to know if the password is strong and match on the system installer
  • Host name and user name auto completion when typing the real name
  • Vim

What changed in GhostBSD 10.1

  • The installer partition editor UI and partitioning have been greatly improved
  • SpiderOak has been removed from the default system
  • GDM is replacing PCDM for more functionalities
  • Wifimgr is now fully replaced by Networkmgr

What has been fix.

  • The installation process failed to copy
  • Radon/ATI and Intel issue
  • Mouse integration suport for VirtualBox
  • The installer GPT partition problem
  • Some installer text error

Where to download:

The image checksums, hybrid ISO(DVD, USB) images are available here:

Writing the iso to a USB stick


dd if=GhostBSD10.1-RELEASE-20150912-mate-i386.iso of=/dev/da0 bs=1m

On LInux

dd if=GhostBSD10.1-RELEASE-20150912-mate-i386.iso of=/dev/sdf bs=1M

Reporting issues

We encourage you to use our new issue system build with MantisBT


Is there anything you can help with or want to be involved in? Maybe you just want to discuss your experiences or ask us some questions. Please come talk to us on #ghostbsd or on the forums


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