GhostBSD 11.1 RC1 is ready!

This last development release of GhostBSD 11.1 release is ready for testing. All MATE and XFCE images are available only has 64 -bit architectures. For some of you, it might be chock that we are dropping i386 it is a decision that was hard to make. We hope for those that need i386 will find refuge to another BSD project.

On this RC release, we need help to find more problem. GhostBSD 11.1 is our first release featuring our own software package repository.

What change in 11.1 RC1

  • We remove grub from the installer for 11.1 it has caused us a lot of problems, and this is why the release is late.
  • ZFS configuration

Issue that got fixed

  • The partition list was not deleted when pressing back.
  • The installer was not listing ZFS disk correctly.

Time to find more issues

We encourage you to use our issue system at to report a bug.

Where to download:

All images checksum's, hybrid ISO(DVD, USB) images are available here:

For writing an iso to a USB stick:


dd if=GhostBSD11.1-RC1-20171031-142739-mate-amd64.iso of=/dev/da0 bs=1m

On Linux

dd if=GhostBSD11.1-RC1-20171031-142739-mate-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdc bs=1M

On Mac

dd if=GhostBSD11.1-RC1-20171031-142739-mate-amd64.iso of=/dev/disk2 bs=10240


Is there anything you can help with or get involved? Maybe you just want to discuss your experiences or ask us some questions. Please talk with us on IRC Freenode #ghostbsd or GhostBSD Forums.

Donate or become a patron.

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