GhostBSD 18.12 Now Available

GhostBSD 18.12 is an updated iso of GhostBSD 18.10 with some little changes to the live DVD/USB and with updated packages.

What has changed since 18.10

  • removed default call of kernel modules for AMD and Intel
  • replaced octopkg by software-station
  • added back gop hacks to the live system
  • added ghostbsd-drivers and ghostbsd-utils
  • we updated the packages to the latest build

Where to download:

All images checksum, hybrid ISO(DVD, USB) and torrent are available here:

For writing an iso to a USB stick:


dd if=GhostBSD18.12.iso of=/dev/da0 bs=4m

On Linux

dd if=GhostBSD18.12.iso of=/dev/sdc bs=4M

On Mac

dd if=GhostBSD18.12.iso of=/dev/disk2 bs=10240

To upgrade from 18.12 if not done already:

sudo pkg update -f
sudo pkg upgrade
sudo pkg install ghostbsd-drivers ghostbsd-utils


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