GhostBSD 3.5 release schedule


This is the release schedule for GhostBSD. The following release schedule date is only an estimate and guide line for helping developers to prepare release in time and tester to have a idea when the next release to test will be ready.


Action Expected Actual Description
BETA2 Release 30 August 2013  31 August 2013 Second beta test snapshot.
RC1 Release 9 September 2013   First release candidate.
RC2 Release 16 September 2013   Second release candidate.
RC3 Release 23 September 2013   Third release candidate.
RELEASE announcemen 30 September 2013   9.2-RELEASE built.

 General discussions about the pending release and known issues should be sent to the mailing list. Come visit us on our IRC Chanel #ghostbsd on Let us know what you think in comment bellow.