GhostBSD New Web infrastructure

We got a server from, it is running on FreeBSD 11 with ZFS and ZRaid1 and the website, forums, wiki, issues system and the FPT is running on a jail. Our monthly cost is $55.37 CAD

The Server Specification

  • Processor Intel Xeon W3520
  • Cores/Threads 4 cores/ 8 threads

  • Frequency 2.66 GHz+

  • RAM 32 GB DDR3 ECC

  • Disks 2 x 2 TB SATA

  • RAID Soft

  • Network card 1 Gbps

  • Bandwidth 250 Mbps

  • Traffic Unlimited

Our monthly cost is $55.37 CAD

We did replaced MantisBT with Redmine, we feel that Redmine will help us to improve our project management of bugs, new features, communication and timeline.

The forums was successfully move and all user should have no problem to log in and use it right away, the forum was the only database that had been successfully moved.

The main website was running on Drupal 7 and still running on Drupal 7, but we did rebuild it from start, but we was able to move all the node.

We did created and anonymous FTP server, and soon all our ISO will be hosted there which images will be directly download from us, Source Forge will be a old story.

All user that had account on the wiki and issues system need to recreate an account. We was not able to move the wiki database this has result to problem that some user might not find inconvenient, we are sorry. Since we are moving to Redmine for or issues system all account was not possible to created, we did add all issue that was not completed in the new issue system all user interested to create an account can do it right away.

We hope that everybody will enjoy the new Web infrastructure that we created to better serve GhostBSD user.

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