ATI/Radeon AMD GPUs KMS to be shipped with FreeBSD 10

In January 2013 an effort bringing kernel support for the AMD GPUs, to allow the use of newer xf86-video-ati drivers and AMD GPUs had became fruitful. The driver is now in HEAD! Thus, it'll be shipped with FreeBSD 10.0-RELEASE. Initial radeon code comes from Linux 3.8-rc3 and a previous porting effort by Alexander Kabaev. Initial TTM port is provided by Konstantin Belousov.

GhostBSD 4.0 will benefit of better support for ATI/Radeon Graphic Card which will bring 3d support too. On this I will bring a current version of GhostBSD 4 base on FreeBSD 10 soon as 3.5 release is done. This release will help to test out ATI/Radeon card.




Gentlemen, the classic dilemma for BSD based operating system was what remained true in 2008 remains true, today. Whenever I insert a USB flash drive, I can not view files on my flash drive.

The BSDs has been seriously behind in that respect. USB 3.0?, you can forget it.

I'm looking forward to GhostBSD 4.0 (Xfce).

If GHostBSD can resolve that in the 4.0 edition, with USB 3.0, I'll donate $300-$1000.00

Nice touch with using AMD. That's my prefered CPU of choice. Let's see if the next GhostBSD 4.0 can outrun DesktopBSD - in terms of speed; a unix os that is really hard to beat.

USB 3.0 is already suported. You might try in root or look in /media.

When can I expect to get GhostBSD with Radeon KMS. 



4.0 it should be released before March.

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