GhostBSD 3.0 gnome installer

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GhostBSD 3.0 gnome installer

Postby ghost » Wed May 08, 2013 6:29 pm

I downloaded the Ghost 3.0 Gnome and all went ok and i have the software on my Usb stick.

the question i have is how do I open it ?.

I tryed Microsoft Usb tool, and the Liunx pen drive tool and nothing happens (it doesnt open the software)
they say the above has its own installer but i dont see it I used Firefox 20 to download the software.

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GhostBSD 3.0 gnome installer

Re: GhostBSD 3.0 gnome installer

Postby Haghiri75 » Thu May 09, 2013 9:52 am

I suggest download and install cygwin , then use the "dd" command.

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dd if=/path/to/image of=/path/to/device
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Re: GhostBSD 3.0 gnome installer

Postby Subit Piano » Sun May 12, 2013 4:56 am

Ghost -- if I'm reading you right:

BSD is not software, it's an operating system. You put it on your usb stick, reboot your computer from the usb stick, and the operating system (BSD) will start.

I agree with Hagiri to use dd to install the GhostBSD img file onto your usb stick. If you want to make a permanent installation that saves all your changes, i think you'll need to download the GhostBSD iso file and burn it to a blank CD (that's NOT like burning a music CD or backing up files to a CD). Then you start your computer from the CD; when the menu comes up, choose "install" to install GhostBSD to your usb stick. After that's done you can start your computer from the usb stick anytime -- you will have a complete operating system on your stick, usable on most any computer.

All this said, I'm not trying to insult your intelligence if you already realize all this; if so, please try rewording your question and reposting. On the other hand, if you've never worked with images and downloading/installing BSD or Linux, let us know, maybe we can point you to a couple places that can get you started.
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Re: GhostBSD 3.0 gnome installer

Postby ericbsd » Sun May 12, 2013 10:53 am

See ... in_Windows.

And thanks Haghiri75 and Subit Piano for helping the community.
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