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Info regarding GhostBSD

Postby jrushford » Tue Dec 24, 2013 10:06 pm


I don't know much about GhostBSD and did not see the answer to my question on the website. What release of FreeBSD is GhostBSD 3.5? I know that FreeBSD 10 has not yet released but, how soon after it is released will GhosBSD be using it and will this be GhosBSD 4.0?

I've used pcbsd and it's okay but I prefer using an xfce or gnome dekstop and it has all this kde stuff that I don't use. Also I've broken many of the pbi apps by installing applications from ports. I was thinking about just building a FreeBSD 10 desktop myself when I ran into this article about GhostBSD. I'm interested in working with FreeBSD 10 because of the many new features and was curious about when GhostBSD would be released using 10. I may try 3.5 though to see how well I like it.

thanks for your time
J. Rushford
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Info regarding GhostBSD


Re: Info regarding GhostBSD

Postby ericbsd » Wed Dec 25, 2013 11:18 am

GhostBSD 3.5 is FreeBSD 9.2 and GhostBSD 4.0 will be FreeBSD 10.0.

GhostBSD 4.0 will so many change that it might be better for lot people, with the new Pkgng replacing pkg_add, we don't have and Graphical package manager for Pkgng yet.
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