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Pkgs & Ports List

Postby TheRaven » Wed Feb 04, 2015 3:59 am

Below is a list of freeBSD binary packages that are available from the official release 10.1 package repository. GhostBSD can be updated and upgraded to 10.1 - once a satisfactory list of 10.1 software is built a butcher block installation of GhostBSD will be tested at 10.0 for the same packages with update notifications reflecting success or failure within the following list.

...will return with the compiled list, please be patient; in the mean time a little teaser list below to hold you over until my return:

freeBSD 10.1 Patch 5 binary packages (FBSD 10.1p5):
- Gimp (additional installs Gimp help and the SDL libraries [simple direct media layer for 2D & 3D graphics])
- InkScape (possibly already provided by GBSD - can't remember - anyway, it's available for artists & SVG enthusiasts)
- Wine (Windows emulation layer/API - comes with Notepad pre-installed)
- Mono (open source .Net framework)
+* FPC version 2.6.4 : free pascal compiler
+* Lazarus : FPC Rad IDE with D&D GUI designer
- Scribus : desktop publishing tool
+* e19 : enlightenment desktop window manager
- Compton (an optimized 2D & 3D graphics compositing library compatible with e19 and XFCE)
- Netbeans 8 IDE (Java IDE with rad D&D GUI designer and rich web development environment JavaScript, PHP 5; HTML 5)
- openJDK (open source Java Development Kit standalone or installed with Netbeans/Eclipse IDEs)
- openJDK-JRE (open source Java Runtime Environment for those whom use Java apps, but don't develop Java apps)
- MiniTube (Client side interface to YouTube with search, HD format, play back and video list view controls)

* means most current release of the software as delivered by its original developers
+ means software was installed and operated in GBSD using pkg and a relevant case test
- Was available and installed without incident, but has not been use-case tested
(testing scenarios are brief, but meaningful within the scope of the product's operational parameters)

Much of the software above will be familiar to Windows and Linux users alike and should establish BSD in like; the development, design, productivity and leisure centric systems you enjoy in other hosting platforms are right here in BSD as well. Closing, the list is an open reference of available software intended for individuals who have yet to try a BSD derivative and might like a little persuasion.

The above listing does not include software delivered with the official GhostBSD iso distribution nor does it accurately indicate availability for the freeBSD 10.0 base system of the GhostBSD 4.0 series. Base system updates/upgrades to 10.1 along with software and ports updates will certainly make accessible software listed above. ;)
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Pkgs & Ports List


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