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GhostBSD 4.0 BETA 2 now available

The Seconde BETA build of the 4.0-RELEASE release cycle is available on SourceForge for the amd64 and i386 architectures.

Where to download:

The image checksums, ISO images and USB images are available here:

Changes and problems fixed between 4.0-ALPHA3 and 4.0-BETA1 include:

  • Fix rsync to avoid to copy the tmp and mnt directory during installation.
  • Update Networkmgr to 0.5 prerelease.
  • Users who omit the root(/) partition will be warn by a window dialog.
  • GBI partition Editor have receive lot of tweak to avoid error.
  • GBI is now partitioning when installing.
  • Network with "Live Image" should now work under Virtualbox or VMware Workstation.

Known issues:

  • Xorg failed to load MATE for some Intel and ATI.

Issues fixed that need testing:

  • Installer copying file flawlessly.
  • Network in live environment

A special thanks to those who had reported any issues.


New GhostBSD look

Important info

Please be aware that this release provides beta testers and developers with a system to test out new features for the upcoming release. This release is a BETA / Test build and may contain buggy code and features, so we encourage you to run it only on non-critical systems.

If you notice problems please make sure to read http://wiki.ghostbsd.org/index.php?title=Becoming_a_Beta_Tester reporting them through testing ghostbsd mailing list or the appropriate Forums.

Note: Developers can't fix problems that we are not aware and can't reproduce; if you report a problem give us a detailed reports that we can reproduce the problem.

We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using GhostBSD and have a lot of fun beta testing GhostBSD!


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