ATI/Radeon AMD GPUs KMS to be shipped with FreeBSD 10

In January 2013 an effort bringing kernel support for the AMD GPUs, to allow the use of newer xf86-video-ati drivers and AMD GPUs had became fruitful. The driver is now in HEAD! Thus, it'll be shipped with FreeBSD 10.0-RELEASE. Initial radeon code comes from Linux 3.8-rc3 and a previous porting effort by Alexander Kabaev. Initial TTM port is provided by Konstantin Belousov.

GhostBSD 4.0 will benefit of better support for ATI/Radeon Graphic Card which will bring 3d support too. On this I will bring a current version of GhostBSD 4 base on FreeBSD 10 soon as 3.5 release is done. This release will help to test out ATI/Radeon card.