Get involved

Is it difficult to get involved?

We are always trying to innovate and redesign our online presence to make it easier to contribute to GhostBSD. The main website provides a set of important information about contributions and our project in general. Our community is active on the forums and IRC, we have also launched mailing lists and development portal aimed specifically for active contributors of codes and website content.

How to get involved?


Getting involved in are community is simple. We have establish a malling list, a forum, an IRC channel and a Wiki for you. You have the right to be help, help others and help the project. 

For details about how to Getting involved in are Community, check the Community section of the main menu.

Development contribution

 Its easy to contribute to GhostBSD. All you need to do is find a part of GhostBSD which you think could be improved and make those changes and submit that back to the project.  This could be anything from documentation to artwork to source code. See the the Development page for more information.


Even if you are not a programmer, there are other ways to contribute to GhostBSD. The GhostBSD is a project who is not sustained by any company Like PC-BSD or Ubuntu. This project is developed and maintained by BSD users in their free time. Any amount given will help to build a better system. see The funding page for more detail.