January Reports

Donation objective for 2013.

GhostBSD only gain 190$ in 2012 with the donation, just enough to cover the hosting and domain name. Our hope for 2013 is to reach GhostBSD 20,000 CAD, this amount will cover almost a full-time developers or two part-time developers. donations masses give the opportunity to accelerate the development of GhostBSD. GhostBSD 2.5 has been downloaded 66,611 times, you can not ask for more.
GhostBSD offers a FreeBSD system with a desk all set up, this saves hours of configuration in FreeBSD. GhostBSD offers the same level of security as FreeBSD implements all the best tools of OpenBSD. In 2012, we set up a Wiki as a home for all documentation for the project, everyone can collaborate. For 2013 the project will focus on providing better documentation for the community, such as the user manual and FAQ better. Development in 2013, we finally finish the installation program and focus to develop another tool missing. We are currently working on a report that users can issue reported problem effectively.

GhostBSD is free, but developers need to eat, consider making a donation to help make a better project for you and other people.



The annual earnings of $ 10 again, we hope to reach $ 20,000 by the end of 2013. GhostBSD win 10 CAD in January.
Thank you to the donors:

  • Steel James

If you like what we are trying to achieve with GhostBSD a small donation would be appreciated. Donating one dollar is good, imagine all the people who download GhostBSD if he gives $ 1 GhostBSD, this could accelerate the development of GhostBSD.

Help the project, Given today!


Not yet Sponsored.

Sponsors may be an individual, a project or a company that provides a monthly donation to help support GhostBSD. As a sponsor, you are automatically associated with the success of GhostBSD. You will have your banner or logo on sponsor page with a link to your website. The top 5 sponsors will have their banner or logo will appear on each page of the site GhostBSD. All sponsors also appear with their banner or logo in our monthly report on the site, forum and email list announcement and we relate this report to all social networks GhostBSD.

All this means that you can donate a dollar per month, giving us a banner and a link to their website. You have to advertise your website cheap and you support an open source project monthly.

Become a sponsor today!



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gotbsd? help the distribution of FreeBSD and torrents linked to the project.



Spread the word

If you like GhostBSD, made the others know. Talk to your friends and colleagues. Participate in local events related to culture and open source GhostBSD this as a good choice for home and professional users. Write a review and post it on your blog or distrowatch.com. Also share your article with us. We love reading the article and the review, it helps us understand what we need to focus on and also to get a better view of the direction GhostBSD should go.


Documentation Wiki

You may want to help write the contents of wiki. If this is the case, we have set up a Wiki as a home base donnéespour all efforts GhostBSD project documentation. The User Guide information will be forthcoming build on collaborative efforts of writers Wiki. Your contributions are most welcome, however the spam links and other unwanted additions will be promptly removed. We are looking for people to translate the user's manual, FAQ and other documents in their native language Wiki. To help, simply create a login account please register on the Wiki


What happening with the 3.0 System

The package of FreeBSD 9.1 are still not ready, but the system 3.0 will soon be available. The only drawback application installation will only be available in the FreeBSD ports to release the application package. Sorry for all the inconvenience.


New solution for reporting problem is in development

The problem reporting system is based on the FreeBSD PR system. We use the Drupal Webform. All reports will be revised problem before submitting a problem ticket system on SF. We are working on a document How to report bugs. This document describes when you must submit a bug report, what should be included and what's the best way to submit your bug report. The system is ready, but not yet tested.


Website Development

We strive to make the website self explainable to be usable, adding crucial information for each category of the menu GhostBSD website. For example, when you click on the community you have information that the community GhostBSD little offer.

We look further to make this site as in French, since three-quarters of the team know how to speak French and half the team speaks French maternally.

See Community/TODO for a list what needs to be done. we can add a new task at any time.


Grammar, typos and spelling

If you find any grammatical errors, sentences not properly constructed, typos or misspelling on the site please let us know by email us to the website mailing list. For the wiki, just subscribe and correct or contact us to the website mailing list. We are not native English mistakes are inevitable.

System Development

GhostBSD system development will take a hit for a while, we finished all the feature of the website work and all the documentation, but it will not interfere with version 3.0. Our effort will be on site to make this project more viable for users.

See  GhostBSD 3.5/TODO for a list what needs to be done. we can add a new task at any time.