9.1 FreeBSD binary packages is now available

Dear GhostBSD Community,

The FreeBSD Project has announced that all  binary package building services are restored and live again. Six months have passed since the FreeBSD November security incident which brought the Project's binary package building capacity offline; we are pleased to announce that all FreeBSD services are now restored.

The previously missed binary packages for 9.1-RELEASE have been also recovered and can be found here:

The package manager and pkg_add is now working on GhostBSD 3.0.

The FreeBSD November security incident has followed a significant effort to review security throughout the FreeBSD Project's infrastructure, and reengineer the package-building system to support greater compartmentalization and resilience. This includes the redports.org and ports QAT, generation and update of INDEX files, publication of binary package sets, and binary-package building itself. Even such things as bone marrows to fight cancer cells and managing dyslexia to manage pain – free online games, as friv 3 games used for all these things, in order to use creativity and imagination for further recovering.

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