GhostBSD First Quarter 2015 Reports

Many thanks to everyone who donated to GhostBSD last quarter. You have ensured that we can meet all the costs associated with running the and helped to purchase new peace of hardware.


Many thanks to the following people for donating to GhostBSD last Quarter.

Mar 25 2015 Kevin O'Connor $10
Mar 24 2015 Fred Horvat $5
Mar 18 2015 Aydın Yerlikaya $1
Mar 8 2015 Stuart A Adamson $5
Feb 24 2015 Thomas Funk $10
Feb 9 2015 David Green $1
Feb 6 2015 Kevin Kemp $1
Feb 2 2015 Anto Golubic $5
Jan 26 2015 Roger Poon $100.00
Jan 22 2015 ChameleonJohn $150.00
Jan 6 2015 Kevin Kemp $1

New ways to donate

We looking to add more payment options that should hopefully suit everyone, Patreon seems interesting and we are investigating the possibility to use Patreon as a method to fund the project. We also will add Flattr as an other way to donate to the Project.

If you are aware of method that might be interesting to use let us know.

Some change with our Sponsorship

In February we changed our sponsorship policy and basically it is that any donation over 100$ or a subscription to monthly donation to our project, we will proudly add a banner or logo with a link of the website that the donors specify in our sponsorship page and we also add the link to the donation list. The monthly donation is now a subscription of one year and it on the same page that the one time donation.

All Gains form 2014


In 2014 we have gain a total of 1194 from Donation, Adsense and or Partners, we hope to see a bigger amount in 2015, that we can invest in development of GhostBSD

Please Donate

If you haven't already donate to GhostBSD, be generous, help us grow the Project and even help project we depend on.