Some of news about GhostBSD

For the last three months, there were some efforts to bring OpenRC to 12-STABLE with TrueOS all thanks to Miwi. Due to this effort, we will follow the STABLE branch instead of CURRENT. This change brings ABI stability and less code change for system updates. The only downside is that all current GhostBSD users will need to reinstall GhostBSD. This change is mostly due because tracking all changes in CURRENT was hard, and the latest Nvidia driver did not work well with CURRENT. The fast API  changes in CURRENT and GhostBSD not being able to keep up with CURRENT changes it did bring problems with building our software packages, so the decision was made to go the STABLE ABI route with 12 STABLE branches.

There is some iso on our development repos that everyone can download to test and report issues on our download page. 


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