May 2014 Funding Report


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A total of 45$ was raised in April, thanks to the generous donors:

  • Damian Wojsław
  • Stephen Brander

Donating provides a future for this project. It will continue to keep the website running, keep the development going forward and the new features coming. On top of that, it gives us a boost of moral knowing that there are people out there who are willing to see this project succeed to the point of wanting to show their support by financial means.

Please visit to support the project.


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Join us on IRC for a chat at #ghostbsd on the freenode IRC network (, also let us know what you think in a comments bellow.




GhostBSD 4.0 Beta 3 has serious stability issues on this Dell Latitude D630. This laptop comes equipped with an Intel Centrino Duo 2.0 CPU. I don't really care for Intel processors, however, GhostBSD is installed on this system.
GhostBSD loses access to apps on this laptop. You cannot access settings. Sometimes, the mouse pointer will hide beneath an object instead of hover over it. Mate runs very slow on this 2GB ram system. Whenever the battery dies awhile the system is on, the system is rendered unbootable. Fsck in single mode is useless. The system feels unstable, not surefooted like OpenIndiana, despite capable of handling multimedia better than it.

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