We are always interested in new partnerships, any help we can provided or obtain is appreciated.

Hosting Companies

Cloud Hosting

Host1Plus provide GhostBSD a free Cloud VPS hosting to seed our torrents to you. Host1Plus is looking to help you to geting your ghostbsd torrent image faster.

GhostBSD Partner since January 2013.


File Sharing and Storage


SpiderOak will be install by default in GhostBSD 4.0, Create an account for free. SpiderOak is Private Online Backup, Sync & Sharing that can be use on all yo Device.

GhostBSD December since April 2013.


gotbsd? is helping us to distribute by linking GhostBSD torrents to is website.

GhostBSD Partner since 2013.




OSDisc ship CDs and DVDs of GhostBSD Worldwide. For each CD or DVD sold, under are affiliation 40% of the sale is given to GhostBSD.

GhostBSD Partner since july 2013.