Our Sponsors contributed a qualified donation to GhostBSD. We proudly associate their name with our success. Interested in being a sponsor? See how you can become a sponsor!







Sponsoring GhostBSD

We create a Sponsorship when an individual or company provide a donation that qualifies to one of the six levels of our sponsorship programs.

There are 6 levels of sponsorship:

Level Monthly One Time Duration Product Size
Platinum $200/month $2000+ One Years link banner Width 500
Gold $100/month $1200-$1999 One Years link banner Width 450
Silver $50/month $600-$1199 One Years link banner Width 300
Bronze $20/month $240-$599 One Years link banner Width 250
Copper $10/month $120-$239 One Years link banner Width 180
Community $5/month $60-$119 One Years link only Width 180

When the sponsorship is created, we add the name with website URL of the sponsor to the donor's list. The Sponsors get his URL or his banner with his URL on this page and on the bottom of the front page. Each month, the development team makes a newsletter about the financial status to the community where donors and sponsors with their link listed and thanked.

As a sponsor, your name or company is associated with the success of GhostBSD and shines within its community. You ar the reasons GhostBSD is fruitful and available for free.