2020 financial report

First, I will like to thank all our sponsors, patrons and donors who generously donated to GhostBSD with their hard earn money. In 2020 our goal was 10,000 CAD, thanks to everyone who donated to the GhostBSD project. Our goal was met and we accumulated 11,276.2 CAD from our sponsors, patrons and donors. The list of donors is at https://www.ghostbsd.org/donors, the list of sponsors is at https://www.ghostbsd.org/sponsor, and the list of Patrons is at https://www.ghostbsd.org/patrons.

2020 was a weird year for most of us. And with an uncertain future, I am surprised that we passed our goal of 10,000 CAD. Thanks to everyone who donated in 2020. It helped us be confident in getting a new server to help make GhostBSD development more manageable.

Today, we pay for four servers. Two servers with SoYouStart, one for the website hosting and the Canadian mirror and one for the France mirror. One with NextArray to build GhostBSD packages and ISO and a new one with OVH to build GhostBSD 13 STABLE packages to prepare the upgrade to 13 STABLE. We also have two free mirrors. NextArray provides one for the US and Honeyguide for South Africa.

I am setting a donation goal of 15,000 CAD for 2021 in the hope of improving our mirror infrastructure.

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