GhostBSD is switching it's system base

You might have seen the discussion about this subject on the GhostBSD forums. So yes GhostBSD will release a version in the future with TrueOS as the base system. We have not yet decided if we will continue releasing a version with FreeBSD as the base operating system.

Why switching to TrueOS instead of FreeBSD?

For some time we have discussed problems that GhostBSD is facing in the long run. Some of our community have asked for improvements including a better rc such as OpenRC. We all have thought of OpenRC, but for a small team, it is a hard thing to do on our own as a project. After a lot of discussions, we decided to join TrueOS effort. Since then it is now making more sense as both of the main developers of GhostBSD work for iXsystems.

TrueOS is becoming more mature as an appliance building platform making it appealing for the goal of creating reproducible builds of GhostBSD. Security-enhancing features such as LibreSSL integration and improved service management with OpenRC are just a few examples of some the improvements the switch will bring.

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