June 2016 Contributors Reports

Many thanks to everyone who donated to the GhostBSD project in June. GhostBSD is a project that depend strictly on the community and its contributors.

Patreon and our first goals

We would like to deploy a server running GhostBSD or FreeBSD, to create better a web infrastructure for the GhostBSD community and to stop rely on SourceForge for distributing GhostBSD image, we need your help to accomplish this. On Patreon we setup some goals that we engage to accomplish if we reach the certain amounts of money, the first goals is to reach $250, the goal is to build a new web infrastructure, but since we have find some low cost server we will lower the bar at 100$/month. Become our Parton visit https://www.patreon.com/GhostBSD

Our Patron

Ronaldo Ramires $2

A total of $2 was donated via Patreon in June.

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Become a Sponsor

Our sponsorship policy is basically that anyone who contribute a donation over 100$ or subscribe to a monthly donation to GhostBSD, we will proudly add a banner or logo with a link of the website donors in our sponsorship page and add the link to the donation list and we promote our sponsor in our Contributor Newsletter.


PayPal Donors

Many thanks to our donors from June.

Jun 20 2016 Apps4Rent LLC $100
Jun 20 2016 John Karns $2
Jun 14 2016 TeMS $2
Jun 13 2016 Fred Horvat $10
Jun 13 2016 Holiander Inc $150
Jun 11 2016 Paul Demers $20
Jun 10 2016 Holger Finke $20
Jun 09 2016 Mary Tomich $2
Jun 08 2016 Dave Green $5
Jun 4 2016 Brendan Martin $1
Jun 2 2016 Clinton Aarts $5

A total of 317$ was donated via PayPal in June.

Help GhostBSD

If you haven't already donate to GhostBSD, be generous, help us grow and sustain the project. The project depend on you!


We are always looking for Contributors

If you are interested to contribute on the development, documentation, translation and/or community let us know.

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