GhostBSD April to October 2015 Contributors

First of all, sorry for skipping so many update.

Many thanks to everyone who donated to GhostBSD in between April and October. You have ensured that we can meet all the costs associated with running the and helped to purchase new peace of hardware.


Sponsor donate over 100$ or a subscription to a monthly donation to our project, we proudly display their banner.

Become a Sponsor

Our sponsorship policy is basically that anyone who contribute a donation over 100$ or subscribe to a monthly donation to our project, we will proudly add a banner or logo with a link of the website donors in our sponsorship page and add the link to the donation list and promote sponsor in our Contributor Newsletter.



Many thanks to the following people for donating to GhostBSD.

Oct 11 2015 Paul Demers $20
Oct 11 2015 Jacob Daniels $5
Oct 02 2015 eCommercium $2
Sep 23 2015 SUDAKOV VIKTOR $5
Sep 19 2015 eCommercium $2
Sep 18 2015 Fred Horvat $5
Sep 15 2015 Adrian Pintea $2
Sep 14 2015 Heather Whitson $10
Sep 13 2015 Kevin O'Connor $10
Sep 11 2015 Paul Demers $20
Aug 27 2015 Teresa Sorenson $20
Aug 11 2015 Paul Demers $20
Aug 5 2015 Fred Horvat $5
Jul 14 2015 Manuel Kampschulte $5
Jun 25 2015 Teresa Sorenson $20
Jun 17 2015 Fred Horvati $5
May 6 2015 Anchise Governatori $10
Apr 3 2015 Ryan Toler $1

Sustain the project

If you haven't already donate to GhostBSD, be generous, help us grow and sustain the project. The project depend on you!


We are always looking for Contributors

If you are interested to contribute on the development, documentation, translation and/or community let us know. We are currently looking for volunteers to write a biweekly development newsletter and a the monthly contributors newsletter.

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