March 2013 Reports


Sponsors may be an individual, a project or a company who provides a monthly donation to help support GhostBSD. As a sponsor you are automatically associated with the success of GhostBSD. You will have your banner or logo on the sponsor page with a link to your website. The top 5 sponsors will have their banner or logo will appear on each page of the site GhostBSD. All sponsors also appear with their banner or logo in our monthly report on the site, forum and email list announcement and we relate this report to all social networks GhostBSD.

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This month earnings is 420. The annual totals is 467.17, we hope to reach 20,000 CAD by the end of 2013.
Thank you to the donors:

  • DistroWatch
  • Alexei Smagin
  • Oleg K
  • Matthew Karlsen
  • Писарев Сергей
  • Eric Geissinger
  • Ruben Holta

If you like what we trying to achieve with GhostBSD a small donation would be appreciated.

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In the media

First looks at KANOTIX 2013 and GhostBSD 3.0
The GhostBSD project provides a desktop-oriented approach to running the FreeBSD operating system.

March 2013 donation: GhostBSD
The recipient of the March 2013 donation is GhostBSD, a FreeBSD-based operating system with a desktop focus. It receives C$350.00 in cash.

GhostBSD 3.0 Review: Complete operating system and FreeBSD on steroids!
I didn't want to jump directly to FreeBSD and hence, I chose the Gnome derivative of FreeBSD, GhostBSD.

Spreading the word

If you like GhostBSD, let others know. Talk about it with your friends and colleagues. Participate in local events related to open source culture and present GhostBSD as a good choice for home and office users. Write a review and publish it on your blog share it to and also share your review with us. We like reading reviews, it helps us to understand what we need to focus on and also to get a better view of the direction GhostBSD needs to be moving in.

GhostBSD development.

If you’re tempted to join the team, don’t hesitate to follow our development on and come and chat with the developers at ( #ghostbsd-dev

Latest development work:

We’re giving you a preview of the work done on the installer for GhostBSD 3.5.

From the new language window  you can easily select the language to use the installer, it will also install your in the language selected.

 The new keyboard window let you test your keyboard Layout.

The new time zone window let you select faster your city by typing the mam in the treeview.

The installation type window have been change to make it more simple to use.

The new installation progress window have similar slide then Ubuntu and Linux Mint more improvement to come on that window.

More improvement to come on the installer. Eric might make list of sentence to translate for supporting more language.


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