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2020 financial report

First, I will like to thank all our sponsors, patrons and donors who generously donated to GhostBSD with their hard earn money. In 2020 our goal was 10,000 CAD, thanks to everyone who donated to the GhostBSD project. Our goal was met and we accumulated 11,276.2 CAD from our sponsors, patrons and donors.

GhostBSD 21.01.15 Release Notes

I am happy to announce the availability of the new ISO 21.01.15. This new ISO comes with a clean-up of packages that include removing LibreOffice and Telegram from the default selection. We did this to bring the zfs RW live file systems to run without problem on 4GB of ram machine. We also removed the UFS full disk option from the installer. Users can still use custom partitions to setup UFS partition, but we discourage it. We also fixed the Next button's restriction in the custom partition related to some bug that people reported.

GhostBSD 20.11.28 Release Announcement

I am happy to announce the availability of GhostBSD 20.11.28. This release comes with a new live system that leverages ZFS, compression, and replication first introduced in FuryBSD by Joe Maloney. The 20.11.28 release contains numerous improvements, including OS fixes for linuxulator to improve Linux Steam performance, an updated kernel, and GhostBSD userland updates. Userland updates include a MATE desktop upgrade to version 1.24.1, Software Station performance improvements, and numerous application updates.

Issue and feature completed:

Quick fix release GhostBSD 20.04.1

This quick release is to fix the setup of NVIDIA driver on the installed system. The NVIDIA driver was not setup properly in the ISO build. Sorry for the inconvenient to our NVIDIA users.

What got fixed since 20.04

  • Fixed the loading of NVIDIA driver after the installation

To upgrade:

No upgrade is needed

Where to download:

All images checksum, hybrid ISO(DVD, USB) and torrent are available here:

GhostBSD 20.04 Now Available

I am happy to announce the availability of GhostBSD 20.04, but first thanks to all people that gave feedback and reported issues. We fixed a couple of problems that were found in 20.03. This release comes with kernel and OS updates and numerous software applications updates and many improvements like replacing gnome-mount and hald with FreeBSD devd and Vermaden automount which make auto mounting and unmounting of external device way more stable and supports more filesystems.

GhostBSD 20.03 Now Available

I am happy to announce the availability of GhostBSD 20.03. This new build comes with some minor system update and numerous software applications updates.

What has changed since 20.02

  • The default pkg configuration now points to the GhostBSD packages repository instead of FreeBSD.

  • Fixed Update Station to make sure it only runs pkg update alone.

  • Added code to make sure that the update icon appears appropriately.

GhostBSD 20.02 Now Available

I am happy to announce the availability of GhostBSD 20.02. ZFS partition has been added to the installer custom partition editor, and it is now possible to install GhostBSD with ZFS on the same disk containing Windows, Linux, or Mac OSX partitions. The system has been updated to 1201512. The Update Station application has multiple improvements, and numerous software applications have been updated.


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