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Amount Raised in December so far: $237.87

Amount Raised in 2016 so far: $2085.17

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The monthly PayPal donation subscription is the best form of income for GhostBSD it provide a more stable source of income to ensure our monthly costs are always covered and allow us to plan future growth and to maybe provide the development team a regular and predictable income. A monthly PayPal donation subscription qualify automatically for sponsorship.

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That said, one time PayPal donations are also great and gratefully accepted. A one time donation of 100 CAD or more also qualify automatically for sponsorship.

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Donation privacy policy

We would love to acknowledge everyone who donates to GhostBSD, but we also would like to respect your privacy. GhostBSD will not sell or provide your address, phone number, or email address to anyone, nor will we send you unsolicited mailings. Please indicate if you wish to make your donation anonymously through PayPal by indicating this in the "Add special instructions to the seller:" field. If you do not see your name, or it is incorrect, please let us know by sending an email to ghostbsd at gmail dot com. We will only publish the name and amount of the actual donor.

PayPal Donors        Full Donors List

Nov 30 2016 Workers Compensation Shop $105 One Time Donation
Nov 30 2016 Coupon Area $100 One Time Donation
Nov 30 2016 Gaming PC Test $10 Monthly Donation
Nov 30 2016 Technology Insurance Shop $105 One Time Donation
Nov 29 2016 Constantin Stan $5 Monthly Donation
Nov 29 2016 SPARPEDIA $1 Monthly Donation
Nov 28 2016 Glenmore Investments $100 One Time Donation
Nov 26 2016 douglas lunde $10 Monthly Donation
Nov 25 2016 Teresa Sorenson $35 One Time Donation
Nov 22 2016 Slobodanka Bekjarovska $2 Monthly Donation
Nov 11 2016 UK Web Host Review $1 Monthly Donation
Nov 11 2016 Glenn Meyer $10 One Time Donation
Nov 9 2016 Mary Tomich $2 Monthly Donation
Nov 08 2016 Dave Green $5 Monthly Donation
Nov 8 2016 $2 Monthly Donation
Nov 7 2016 Stefan Haun $100 One Time Donation
Nov 4 2016 Brendan Martin $1 Monthly Donation
Nov 01 2016 Top 5 Hosting $110 One Time Donation

Become a monthly supporter at Patreon and get the benefit from Patron rewards. This new method will allow us to give back the community and to reward our contributors and sponsor.

GhostBSD Patron

Dave Mathews $20
Kevin O'Connor $10
Tim Lawrence $5
John Mosher $1

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