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A simple, elegant desktop BSD Operating System


GhostBSD is built with TrueOS base on FreeBSD STABLE to provides a simple desktop-oriented operating system pre-configured with the carefully selected minimal commonly used set software required to start using it to its full potential.


GhostBSD uses the GTK environment to provide a beautiful looks and a comfortable experience on the modern BSD platform offering a natural and native Unix work environment.

It is BSD

GhostBSD is derived from FreeBSD, and its roots go back to the University of California Berkeley Unix Research. Historically it was referred to as "BSD Unix" or "Berkeley Unix." However, today it is simply called BSD for Berkeley Software Distribution.

Latest News

First quarter 2017 financial reports

I am sorry that we did not release any financial reports since October! This newsletter format is changing for a smaller size, and we will try to update much more frequently.

Many thanks to all donors and patrons who generously invested in the GhostBSD project last quarter. Like always and ensured that we could meet all the costs associated with running the GhostBSD project.