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Dealing with the misunderstandings of what is GhostBSD

Since the release of 19.09, I have seen a lot of misunderstandings on what is GhostBSD and the future of GhostBSD. GhostBSD is based on TrueOS with FreeBSD 12 STABLE with our twist to it. We are still continuing to use TrueOS for OpenRC, and the new package's system for the base system that is built from ports. GhostBSD is becoming a slow-moving rolling release base on the latest TrueOS with FreeBSD 12 STABLE. When FreeBSD 13 STABLE gets released, GhostBSD will be upgraded to TrueOS with FreeBSD 13 STABLE.

Our official desktop is MATE, which means that the leading developer of GhostBSD does not officially support XFCE. Community releases are maintained by the community and for the community. GhostBSD project will provide help to build and to host the community release. If anyone wants to have a particular desktop supported, it is up to the community. Sure I will help where I can, answer questions and guide new community members that contribute to community release.

There is some effort going on for Plasma5 desktop. If anyone is interested in helping with XFCE and Plasma5 or in creating another community release, you are well come to contribute. Also, Contribution to the GhostBSD base system, to ports and new ports, and in house software are welcome. We are mostly active on Telegram, but you can also reach us on the forum.

NextArray LLC partners with GhostBSD to provide United States mirror site

NextArray LLC. offered to provide GhostBSD with hosting in the United States to help recent worldwide demand for GhostBSD software packages and ISO files. GhostBSD is very happy to announce a new partnership with  NextArray LLC, and we hope this to be a mutually beneficial partnership.

NextArray LLC. is a hosting service provider dealing with dedicated servers, colocation, virtual servers, data backup, colo by ‘U’ space, and much more. Their focus has been to provide low-cost services so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of enterprise hardware. No matter the size of your company, they want to provide as much bandwidth as possible. Each of their dedicated servers come with a 10Gbps uplink and bandwidth. Also, the pricing for their full cabinets is the most competitive in the United States.

Their Virtual Server starts at $3.99/per month and their Dedicated Server start at $49/per month, please visit them at for more information


GhostBSD appreciates relationships with its partners: