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GhostBSD is switching it's system base

You might have seen the discussion about this subject on the GhostBSD forums. So yes GhostBSD will release a version in the future with TrueOS as the base system. We have not yet decided if we will continue releasing a version with FreeBSD as the base operating system.

Why switching to TrueOS instead of FreeBSD?

For some time we have discussed problems that GhostBSD is facing in the long run. Some of our community have asked for improvements including a better rc such as OpenRC. We all have thought of OpenRC, but for a small team, it is a hard thing to do on our own as a project. After a lot of discussions, we decided to join TrueOS effort. Since then it is now making more sense as both of the main developers of GhostBSD work for iXsystems.

TrueOS is becoming more mature as an appliance building platform making it appealing for the goal of creating reproducible builds of GhostBSD. Security-enhancing features such as LibreSSL integration and improved service management with OpenRC are just a few examples of some the improvements the switch will bring.

December 2017 financial reports

I’d like to thanks, all patrons and donors who generously invested in the GhostBSD project in December, a total of $337.69 was donated. Your help and support are much appreciated, and it empowers the project, and it also ensured that all the associated cost of running our web server and our packages builder servers for GhostBSD are covered.

In 2017 we gain 111.2 USD from, 284.55 CAD from Google AbSense, 961.50 USD from patron on Patreon and 3799.91 form donors using Paypal for a total of 5462.48 CAD

Our Patron

Patron Amount Pledge
Robbie Gibbs $50
Dave Mathews $20 $10
Gilbert Soares $10
Kevin O'Connor $10
Brian Sovryn $5
Kostas Papakonstantinou $5
Robert McDonald $5
Tim Lawrence $5
Nathan Crause $2.50
John Mosher $1
myfreeweb $1
Paul Demers $1
Vittorio Cagnetta $1
Hui-tsung Hsiao $1

A total of 126.50 USD has been raised via Patreon in December.

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PayPal Donors

Dec 28 2017 Antonio Calomeni $1 Download Donation
Dec 28 2017 Brent Utter $2 Download Donation
Dec 27 2017 Torsten Kelsch $1 Download Donation
Dec 27 2017 Best Monitors for Gaming $5 Monthly Donation
Dec 27 2017 Scuf Controller Ps4 $5 Monthly Donation
Dec 27 2017 Pickup Lines World $10 Monthly Donation
Dec 27 2017 Adrian Bențe $1 One Time Donation
Dec 22 2017 Miklos Janosi $20 Download Donation
Dec 21 2017 Parcel Delivery Services $5 Monthly Donation
Dec 19 2017 Harold Sizemore $10 Download Donation
Dec 19 2017 Printable Coupon Code $5 Monthly Donation
Dec 18 2017 Janos Till $5 One Time Donation
Dec 15 2017 $5 Monthly Donation
Dec 14 2017 Adam Cook $1 Download Donation
Dec 14 2017 RONALDO RAMIRES $2 Monthly Donation
Dec 13 2017 Gear For Gaming $5 Monthly Donation
Dec 13 2017 黄 文昇 $1 Download Donation
Dec 12 2017 Wesley Van Alstine $2 Monthly Donation
Dec 12 2017 Achim Woellgens $10 Monthly Donation
Dec 10 2017 Giorgio Cittadini $10 Download Donation
Dec 07 2017 Juan Romero $10 Download Donation
Dec 07 2017 EREN ÖĞRÜL $25 One Time Donation
Dec 07 2017 Hoist Now $5 Monthly Donation
Dec 07 2017 SmallMicrowave $5 Monthly Donation
Dec 06 2017 Andrew Gardner $2 Download Donation
Dec 06 2017 林 逸升 $2 Download Donation
Dec 05 2017 Joachim Roos $20 One Time Donation
Dec 03 2017 Robert Smith $5 Download Donation
Dec 03 2017 Charles TINIVELLA $5 Download Donation
Dec 01 2017 Power Drill Guru $10 Monthly Donation

A total of $363.92 CAD has been raised via PayPal in December.