GhostBSD 3.0 STABLE 1 is released.

It is not an official release its only for testing the new installer. The system as been updated. But the software is not updated to the last version. DuckDuckGo as been configure in Firefox.
You can now test the installer and report bug to us. Report bugs by the mailing list, the development portal or By the forum.

Take note That the STABLE version can is to debug the new feature for GhostBSD 3.0. You will not see lots of referents form 2.5 and this version.
Download Test 3.0 Today




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It has been announced that the official release of the Ghost BSD 3.0 stable 1 has been accessible to its users. The new version comes with a lot of features. With the advanced version , I think new users could make use of it to the maximum.
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