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By using http://duckduckgo.com/?t=ghostbsd, you help funding GhostBSD and DuckDuckGo. All the details is in the Wiki.


We encourage you to get involved in GhostBSD. One beneficial way to participate is to subscribe and report bug to the development portal.

What is a Sponsor.

A Sponsor is an individual, a project or a company who provides a monthly donation to help GhostBSD financially. If the sponsor have a banner or a logo, we will place it in the sponsor page with a link to their website. The 5 top sponsors appear on every page of the GhostBSD website. Also all sponsors will appear in our monthly budget review, on the website and the forums. The amount of donation is determined by the sponsor. We appreciate all support, no matter how big or small.

GhostBSD benefits of a predictable source of constant income. This is probably the best form of financial support, for there is a great chance it will allow us to launch a team of full time developers of GhostBSD. To help us achieve this goal, please consider supporting the project financially.

Donate and Sponsor.

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