Whether you're an experienced BSD user or you're just getting started with BSD system, there are lots of ways to get involved with the GhostBSD community. The GhostBSD project is contributed by first-time users and experience BSD users from around the world. GhostBSD is a community project relying on user input to evolve and grow, so if you have an opinion, share it! The more users actively committed to responding, commenting and suggesting, the more crucial pieces of information we get, to shape GhostBSD with. Its the best way to help create the best possible desktop experience.


Helping others

If you're an experienced BSD user, you have the opportunity to answer other users questions. The team of GhostBSD project is relatively small, so we need all the support we can get in responding to the new users queries. As much as we focus on making GhostBSD a simple and user-friendly system, there's always going to be problems with specific types of configuration. Members of the community can help pinpoint those problems and solve them with others to make the GhostBSD experience even more enjoyable.



The GhostBSD forums are a great place to share your vision for improvments, get help with issues you might be having or just chat about the system with other members of the community.

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Join the GhostBSDchat room, users are online now, ready to help each other, share knowledge, and talk about the operating system in general.

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Mailing Lists

The GhostBSD community has mailing lists to which anyone may subscribe, subscribe now to keep you up to date on various GhostBSD related news. To subscribe to our mailing list please visit: Mailing list.


Spread the word

If you like GhostBSD, let others know. Talk about it with your friends and colleagues. Participate in local events related to open source culture and present GhostBSD as a good choice for home and office users. Write a review and publish it on your blog or Also share your review with us. We like reading review, it helps us to understand what we need to focus on and also to get a better view of the direction GhostBSD needs to be moving in.

Grammar, typo and spelling

If you find grammatical errors, sentences not well constructed, typo or misspelling on the website please let us know by Email us to the website mailing list. For the Wiki, you can simply subscribe and fix it or Email us to the website mailing list. We are not native English so errors are bound to happen.