GhostBSD 24.04.1 Is Now Available

I am pleased to announce the release of GhostBSD 24.04.1!

First and foremost, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all those who reported issues and contributed their time, effort, and expertise to enhance GhostBSD for this latest release.

GhostBSD 24.01.1


GhostBSD 24.04.1 is the second release under FreeBSD 14 stable. I have updated the system to 1400510, and the MATE desktop is updated to 1.28.1. This release also contains some bug fixes found in previous releases and with some improvements.

GhostBSD 24.04.1 Changelog

Enhancements, Improvements, New Features, and Updates

Bug Fixes

Security Fixes

Known issues

You can find all known issues here:

Where to download:

All images, checksums, hybrid ISO(DVD, USB), and torrents are available here:

Writing the ISO to a USB stick


dd if=Downloads/GhostBSD-24.04.1.iso of=/dev/da0 bs=4m conv=sync

On Linux

dd if=Downloads/GhostBSD-24.04.1.iso of=/dev/sdc bs=4M

On Mac

dd if=Downloads/GhostBSD-24.04.1.iso of=/dev/disk2 bs=10240

On Windows, using

./dd.exe if=Downloads/GhostBSD-24.04.1.iso of=USB Drive bs=84


To upgrade GhostBSD to 24.04.1

See our Upgrading GhostBSD Guide.