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GhostBSD Development Portal goes live

We have been playing around with Redmine for a couple of days now and it seems the solution is fitting our needs perfecly. Therefore we are officially opening the GhostBSD Development Portal, based on this tool. From now on, the GhostBSD Development Portal will host all the information related to the GhostBSD development, including bugs, ideas for new features and plans for the newest version. Feel free to visit the GhostBSD Development Portal to check on the project status. You can also register and start reporting issues (ideas, bugs and requests) in order to make GhostBSD even better!

New GhostBSD project website is online

After a week of quite intense brainstorming, discussing and setting up, we have decided the new website is ready for publishing.

So here we are, with a new community/project website integrated with phpbb forums, and with more features to come. Yes, the site and the old forums are now in sync, therefore you should be able to log in here using your old forum account credentials. New users need not create phpbb forum accounts. Instead, they should register with the project website to gain access to the forums automatically.

We want to encourage all visitors to express their opinions on our work so far. Each article on the website is now a subject to comments and discussion. Additionally, we have already integrated a survey system into the site and intend to use it to gather your opinions on the direction of website and system development.

The content on the site has been updated to better communicate our ideas and goals of the project. We have written an extensive page on how to get involved in GhostBSD. We have also set up donations through PayPal.
The PROJECT menu additionally contains data about contributors within and without the core team, as well as a rough sketch of plans related to the project development. All this content is going to be extended and updated as things progress. At this point we have set a number of goals and will actively pursue them - changing the website was one of these goals.

There are, however, still things that remain to be done in relation to the website. We did not, for now, launch the GhostBSD developer pages. This is due to some technical problems with Redmine, but we do intend to resolve them shortly. Once we have done that, Redmine will be filled with important information for developers, and will become the source of all dev-related news.

We believe, that with the launch of the new website, we are also opening a new chapter in GhostBSD development. Please join the community and participate in discussions, comment, but most of all - enjoy the GhostBSD experience.


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