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NextArray LLC partners with GhostBSD to provide United States mirror site

NextArray LLC. offered to provide GhostBSD with hosting in the United States to help recent worldwide demand for GhostBSD software packages and ISO files. GhostBSD is very happy to announce a new partnership with  NextArray LLC, and we hope this to be a mutually beneficial partnership.

NextArray LLC. is a hosting service provider dealing with dedicated servers, colocation, virtual servers, data backup, colo by ‘U’ space, and much more. Their focus has been to provide low-cost services so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of enterprise hardware. No matter the size of your company, they want to provide as much bandwidth as possible. Each of their dedicated servers come with a 10Gbps uplink and bandwidth. Also, the pricing for their full cabinets is the most competitive in the United States.

Their Virtual Server starts at $3.99/per month and their Dedicated Server start at $49/per month, please visit them at for more information


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